Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Welcome to our blog; the newest edition to our virtual presence. As of late, Eric, Sean, and myself (Brian) have been playing a lot in the concrete studio (Sean's basement). We've been noodling around with our recording software and have recorded a number of new songs: "Breathe Again", "I Walk", "Coming After You", and "Candy Religion", to name a few.

We've been on a sort of hiatus for a while and are gearing up to play a few gigs outside of virtual reality. We ran it pretty hard for a few years and loved playing out (just about every weekend). We played around New York State and Vermont, mostly... a couple of times in Massachusetts.

When playing live, we tend to run the gamut; flirting with a variety of genres. But, in the studio, we've been hitting a good energy with a full electric sound. Eric is playing a Fender P-bass and landing some melodic bass lines that tie everything together. Sean is playing a 4 piece Ludwig kit and he drives the songs into an aggressive energy. I've got a Fender Strat going through a Blackheart tube amp... and I'm keeping the guitar parts simple and singing. For years, I funneled my songwriting through an acoustic guitar, and some songs are meant for that, but most of what I'm writing now seems to be meant for the 3 piece, electric sound of the band.

We'll keep you posted when we get a gig schedule together.